Scale Models

Our models can be scaled and detailed to suit your requirements and budget. We keep open and clear communication with our clients to ensure they are informed throughout the design process from start to finish.
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Interactive Lighting

To take your model to the next level consider adding interactive lighting that not only gives that ‘wow’ factor but is a very useful tool for describing various areas of the building to your clients. Used in conjunction with a touchscreen display adjacent to the model you can highlight individual apartments, groups of apartments by type or whole floor levels. You also have the option of using different colours to highlight the apartment status as sold, under contract and more.
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Marketing Plans

Give your marketing campaign that extra touch with floor plans of your project. We can customise colours and styles to suit your project.
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Aerial Photography and Video

Do you need photos and video of your site? Perhaps you require a 360 degree photo at the top floor? Using the latest in aerial photographic technology we can take these types of photos and video to suit your needs.
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Model Photography

If you require stunning photos of your existing models look no further. We can provide you with a beautiful collection of photos for use in advertising and promotional materials.
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